Things to learn about using Microsoft Excel for governance.

When using Microsoft Excel for governance there is some helpful things that you should know, below is a list of things to learn. Before reading, not that GRC stands for (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance)

  1. Spreadsheets are a powerful tool that don’t require a lot of prior knowledge to be able to utilise. As a user, you can input practically any kind of information and can make functions and relate information. Spreadsheets are simple to use and don’t require much configuration. GRC systems are a flexible way to capture a variety of information. This is all presented in a familiar way to the user, similar to Excel.
  2. It’s rare for a business desktop to not have MS Excel installed or for the user to be unfamiliar with how to use it. GRC systems should be seen the same way, pervasive and almost like a second nature. They should be set up on for every user and should be used on a day to day basis.
  3. GRC platforms must also be to convenience of users, meaningĀ  it shouldn’t be noticeable when people are using spreadsheets and should not make them change their routine.