Updates to advance data governance in Microsoft

Updates to advance data governance in Microsoft

About a year ago Microsoft announced there would be changes to  their Office 365 Advanced Data Governance.

Their blog explains why it is important and what changes they had decided to make.

They say as the amount of data grows companies are more vulnerable to exposing themselves to risk due to unneeded data. This could cause companies to be in risk of expensive remediation, for example credit monitoring for employees.

The Office 365 Advanced Data Governance now involves:

  • Policy recommendations and data classifications that mean that you are able to take actions on data
  • Alerts for system defaults to show governance risks
  • The ability to apply compliance controls on data in Microsoft 365

To read more visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2017/04/04/announcing-the-release-of-threat-intelligence-and-advanced-data-governance-plus-significant-updates-to-advanced-threat-protection/